Valentine's Day

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The latest news....

Life is just busy, busy, busy! :)

Caleb had his 2 month follow-up at the eye doctor a couple weeks ago and his doctor was super impressed with the alignment of his eyes! :D They really do look beautiful! I really need to post a before and after photo. God is just so good! I was super nervous about the whole thing, and here we are afterwards, and Caleb's eyes look amazing! As far as his vision goes, it's made a teeny, tiny bit of improvement--but hey, it's something! He has to read the letters on the wall type of thing, and he was able to read 1-2 letters better than before the surgery. This part will take time. But with his glasses, his vision is fine, and Caleb adores his glasses. (So thankful for that!) Hooray!!!

Baby Morgan is due in approximately 5 weeks. So far, she's head down and in position I presume. I was having lots of contractions, but been having a few days off. Everyone at our home is super excited for her arrival--especially Caleb. He always asks if she's coming out yet. Actually, 2 weeks ago at my regular checkup, he insisted on standing beside me while I layed on the table for the doctor to hear Morgan's heartbeat. He kept rubbing my arm and he said he wanted to be there with me when Morgan came out. :) Thankfully, that didn't happen at that time, and no, he won't be in the delivery room for that part. But he thinks that as soon as she's born, he will give her a bath and diaper her right away and get to hold her. So sweet! Even Jenna at 18 months understands there's a baby coming. She loves babies! Everyday, she lifts up my shirt and puts her head on my tummy. Then she points to the baby's crib and the changing table. Amazing how much she can comprehend! I'm just anxious to see how both Caleb and Jenna really will be once Morgan is here. Jeremy and I are super excited to say the least! I can't believe how quickly the days and weeks have gone by. Wow!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Morgan Photos

Here's Morgan I think saying that she's Number 1....

Just too cute! With her "pearl-umbilical cord" necklace.
Playing dress up already.

My personal favorite--looks like she's sticking out her tongue at us. Ha ha ha!

Aw, so sweet!
I love that we have this technology to be able to see our baby! She is such a gift!

Getting sleepy.

Check out these muscles! These puppies are sick!

Time for a little toe sucking action!

The Latest News...............

Well updates on Caleb:

He is doing great and his eyes look amazing! It's so great to look at him when his glasses are off and both eyes look at you! He still has a hard time seeing far away in his left eye, but we're still patching 2 hours a day and praying that God will bring restoration to the vision in that eye. God has been so faithful already, we are just trusting in Him!

Baby Morgan update..................

We are 28 weeks and 1 day today and had an ultrasound to see how big our little Squishy is. And what a show she put on for us! I have lots of photos to share with you! She was just too funny. She usually is shy and runs for cover anytime an ultrasound machine, heart doppler, or even a hand comes down on the belly. And at first she was covering her face, but she warmed up and was just too funny! The 3D technology is just amazing and our little girl is just so beautiful! I'm so excited to meet her! And turns out she's measuring a bit on the large size, but I'm thinking that could be in confusion to her due date. The doctor changed the date in the beginning of the pregnancy due to the baby measuring smaller than the date I had given of my last mentrual cycle. But if you ask me, she caught up! Maybe they'll push my due date up a week. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Caleb's Surgery

Well most of you have heard the latest news, but here's a brief summary:

Caleb had his eye surgery yesterday in Miami and it went really, really well! God totally had His hand in the whole thing and He gave us so much favor! Especially with the wonderful doctor God has blessed us with. We kinda expected the whole thing to be rougher than it really was. However, Caleb has been through surgery before and has proven how resilient kids really are. He proved to be the same this time too. Recovery was a bit cranky, but that's to be expected. He refused to open his eyes until we were on the road back to the hotel. And then all of a sudden he was his usual chatterbox self. :) He had a hard time keeping anything in his tummy, but after a nice long nap he woke up so hungry and was able to eat a little bit. Caleb's doctor even called us late that night to check up on him. I thought that was really neat!

Today we had a follow-up with his eye doctor in Palm Beach Gardens. After the exam, his doctor felt his eyes have already improved greatly! Without his glasses, his eyes are working together now! Our prayer is they will stay that way so he only needs this surgery one time, and that his brain will turn the vision on his left eye.

What a challenge this whole thing has been in our family's lives. God has indeed been growing each of us. Even Jenna. When Caleb returned from recovery and was crying in my arms, she refused to finish her lunch (which never happens-food is one of her passions!) and just looked at him with such worry and concern. As difficult as it's been to go through this with Caleb, it's neat to see how God is refining us and teaching us about His love and grace. Through the whole thing, I could definitely see God's hand in every detail. He cared for us so lovingly, in a way that only He could do. :) We do serve an amazing, and loving God. Without Him, I could not have gone through this.

So in two months we will have our follow-up with the eye doctor. That's about the time it takes for the eyes to fully heal and settle into place. We're just praying that Caleb's eyes will settle together and no more lazy eye wondering off! Now, time to rest!

Oh wait.....Morgan will be here in 3 1/2 months! Whew! This is going by so fast! So much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The latest and greatest.............

Well to begin today's feature posting, here's the countdown on baby Morgan, AKA-Squishy:
We are 162 days pregnant. 118 days to go! It's just flying by! But we're all so excited. I'm most curious to see how Jenna will react. She's become so curious of real babies lately. I think she's going to flip when she realizes one will be living with us. :)

So, Caleb is scheduled for eye surgery this coming Monday. And nothing will be for sure until Friday. God is changing me through this whole thing because I am a total planner--I like to know what's going to happen. And right now, since Caleb has an ear infection, everything is up in the air until his pediatrician gives the ok Friday morning.

But God has just been doing amazing things ever since this whole process began on Friday-Feb. 13th (ha ha ha ha!) That was when we were told there was only one available date to do the surgery. Otherwise, we'd have to wait until the summer after our new addition has arrives. So, already, slim choosing on when to get this done. Jeremy had some obstacles at work, but God is gracious and everything cleared for him to free up time. Then Caleb gets an ear infection. But got into the doctor yesterday and he is on some killer antibiotics that should clear him up by Friday. And to top it off, the hospital in Miami called yesterday-where the surgery will be-and said we needed to come meet with the anesthesiologist one day this week. I almost passed out. I didn't see how it would be possible to free up a whole day to drive down there. I explained the situation and then hung up and prayed for like 2 seconds. The hospital called me right back and said we could do the meeting the morning of the surgery. PHEW!!!!! God is amazing! I don't know what's going to happen next, but so far, everything is falling into place for this surgery to go through. So, just praying Caleb is well for it!